13 TUESDAY Oly Tech + CP Battery + Aerobic Muscle End A. Power Clean; 1x Clean Extension + 1x Hang Power Clean + 1x Power Clean; one set every 2 min for 10 min; build to a moderate/tough set quickly to work off of for part B. F: 3x DL + 3x hang Power Clean @light load for technique P/S: as rx; build to tough set - B. EMOM 5; Power Clean 2-3 reps EMOM @heaviest load from A F: Hang Power Clean x5 reps for technique P/S: as rx C. 3 min AMRAP, rest 1 min x3 12x KB Swing 12x Lunge [variations] 12x HSPU F: 12x Russian KBS + 12x Walking Lunge 12x Push Ups P: K12x B 53/35# + 12x KB Walking Lunge + 12 HSPU [abmat or piked off box] S: 12x 70/53# KBS + +Single Arm KB OH Lunge +12x HSPU Score each round individually